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This is my first blog post EVER.  I wanted to reach out to members this way to see if we can start to share stories about life, your practice, your hobby, events, advocacy,  anything really that would be of interest to our AKAFP members.

During this COVID 19 crisis I think we have all had some time to think about life and what it really means to be a physician working on the front lines at this time.

Two of my three children and my husband Steve have served in the military.  My oldest son Jeff is the Commander of his unit that is set to deploy in November for Africa.  My daughter Carissa has recently left the military after graduating from West Point in 2011 and serving 8 years of active duty.  But I sort of encouraged my youngest son Noah to not pursue a military career.  Both of the older kids have been deployed several times, sometimes for a year.  It is hard on the families back home.  So as you can imagine I was delighted when he made the decision to attend college in our home state!

Delighted that is until COVID 19.  Noah graduated with is BS in Nursing last spring and has been working in the ICU at one of the largest hospitals in Sioux Falls, SD.  Little did I know he would end up on the front lines fighting an invisible enemy and the separation would happen even when we are only 90 miles apart.  I haven’t physically seen my son since this all started and I am not sure when I will get to actually see him.  I have sarcoidosis that has caused COPD so he is keeping his distance and I mine.

I know these are scary times for all of you.  Life as we have known it has changed dramatically and the way you are seeing patients has changed dramatically too.  My guess is that home lives have been quite disrupted as well.  Luckily my son does not have a family so when he goes home he is not putting anyone in a position to get COVID 19, which is great, but the reality is he lives alone so that can be very lonely.   When things open up he will still be required to isolate as I am sure many of you will because of the patients you see.

I want to encourage you to write down your thoughts, use this platform to share what is happening in your life at this time.  As Dr. Gary LeRoy, AAFP Board President said at our annual meeting “People always say they want to live in interesting times, these are interesting times.”  Please share your stories!!  Just email me your story and I will post it here!

Stay Healthy,

Carletta Hauck AKAFP Executive Director








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