Front Row: Elizabeth Roll, MD; *Collette Fetterer, RN; Rebekah Robinson, MD; Kimberly Kapp, DO; Lezelda Fiebig EMT-P; Murray Buttner, MD; 2nd Row *Michael Gravedahl, NRP; Carletta Hauck, AKAFP Executive Director; Jennifer Brown, NRP; Gayle Hornberger, DO; *Ann Gihl, RN; *Dan Starka, NRP: *Ben Leo, MD; Back Row: *Victor Harrison, PAC; Derek Kockler, RN; *Stephen Dunlop, MD; Clifton Dalton, Paramedic; Elizabeth Bates, MD; Jesse Echave, Paramedic; *Brian Chablot, PA-C not pictured Ellen Hodges, MD *denotes MN CALS

The first group of CALS Instructors mentored in at our May CALS sessions.

AKAFP 2022 Winter Update Conference Materials Click Here

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Classroom Winner Mask Up K-12 Student Contest!  Congrats Ms. Powell

Powell Classroom 1 place Mask Up

Individual Winner mask Up K-12 Student Contest! Congrats Coven. o

Coven O. First Place Individual                     

To See All of the AKAFP MASK UP K-12 Student Contest Winners Click Here

Mission Statement:
The mission of Alaska Academy of Family Physicians is to improve the health of our patients, their families, and the Alaskan people; to advance and represent the specialty of family medicine; and to serve with professionalism and creativity the unique needs of our members.

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