2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule and Quality Payment Program Proposed Rule

Since CMS released the 2019 Medicare physician fee schedule and Quality Payment Program proposed rule, the AAFP has been working to make resources available to assist you in learning more about the proposed rule and its potential impact on your practice.

We encourage you to read AAFP President Michael Munger, MD’s recent President’s Message post for more information about the AAFP’s response and the resources available to you.

AAFP will respond to the proposed rule prior to the September 10 deadline. If you have comments on our approach, or if you wish to share recommendations on how the AAFP should respond to the proposed rule, please email AAFP Senior Vice President of Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy Shawn Martin at smartin@aafp.org with the subject line “MPFS2019.”

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