Strategic Plan


Alaska Academy of Family Physicians

2017 – 2019 Strategic Plan 

Mission Statement:

The mission of AK AFP is to improve the health of our patients, their families, and the Alaskan people; to advance and represent the specialty of family medicine; and to serve with professionalism and creativity the unique needs of our members.

Areas of Focus

Promote Family Medicine Wellbeing

Goal 1: Promote physician wellbeing as both an individual and employer responsibility.

  1. Survey members on what they and their employers are doing to address wellbeing and promote best practices

Goal 2: Promote alternative practice strategies.

  1. 2017 – Team Based Care

Goal 3: Incorporate wellbeing into educational programing, newsletters, website and other member communication.


Establish and Promote AK AFP Member Value

Goal 1: Create a robust and member driven educational effort (CME, MoC).

  1. Explore avenues for delivering education and CME (webinars, podcasts, video conferencing).

Goal 2: Establish measures for determining member satisfaction.

Goal 3: Assist members with AAFP relations and opportunities

Goal 4: Keep members informed of member value efforts and opportunities.


Promote Family Medicine Advocacy

Goal 1: Become the voice of family medicine for members and their patients.

Goal 2: Grow and maintain a family medicine workforce.

Goal 3: Promote payment reform for family medicine at both the state and federal level.

Goal 4: Promote family medicine to the public and legislators though education and networking.

Goal 5: Move to proactive legislative advocacy by taking positions on proposed legislation and communicating with legislators and regulators.

  1. Create measures for advocacy impact.
  2. Organize a FM advocacy day.


Promote, Recruit and Retain an AK Family Medicine Workforce

Goal 1: Nurture and develop Family Medicine leaders.

  1. Create opportunities for board members to routinely identify and ask members to become involved.

Goal 2: Support members who provide a full spectrum of care to those whose practice is more specialized or focused in a specific area of care

Goal 3: Provide workforce support and resources to members, pre med students, medical students and residents.

Goal 4: Identify opportunities and funding to send students to the national conference.


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