For the past year, weve been building an interactive website to educate our members, other physician organizations, policy makers, business leaders and the public at large on the importance and value of the medical home. Weve compiled a series of videos about the medical home that span the entire range of interested parties, from patients and physicians to business leaders and policy makers. We have videos with Newt Gingrich, Sen. Dick Durbin, IBMs Paul Grundy, Coca-Colas Bill Yang, TransforMED participants and leaders of the primary care organizations; some of them in scripted and narrated modules and some as extended interviews. Now weve put them all together in the form of a website for anyone interested in any aspect of the medical home.


Go to and check it out. Youll find all the videos and links to all kinds of medical home resources.


We built this site for everyone to use. Weve got no pride in ownership or authorship, so use this site however you like. Wed really appreciate any input you have, and if you know of resources that we should have and dont, just let us know. We expect this site to grow and change as developments occur, and although its launched and ready for use, its by no means complete or finished.